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David Nessl

Creator | Director

CHICHIFILM specializes in telling stories that not only inspire, but give audiences a unique point of view.

"I went to school and learned a lot about this stuff and I know how important it is to make good things. I really like good things and I really like things that look nice too. I make dinner every night for my little dogs and special friends so I know a thing or two about good things." (David Nessl)

Our goal is to provide new generations with unique and original stories which highlight the goodness in humanity and all the other stuff. It's important to teach robots about animation so we try and do that too. We teach robots sometimes, but most of the time we just do the animated things. 

CHICHIFilm stands by the Gray Alien belief of "All Butterflies." We don't mess around with silly things from space or fish. We don't bargain with bees and understand the worth of two forks worldwide. A fork can be worth up to two birds in some parts of the world. Recycle everything.


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