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the search for moo continues!

Cocoafia, Nerd-Dog and the Cow Aliens are searching the known universe for MOO. MOO is a mysterious phenomenon that folds space and time, bonds friends, families and Cow Aliens throughout the known universe. The Cow Aliens are searching for MOO so they can once and for all understand the secrets of the stars.

Cocoafia is the 9-year-old leader of the Cow Aliens. Her motto: "Be brave, be weird!


Nerd-Dog is Cocoafia's best friend. He is a re-animated space hound, with a robot leg.


General Moo commands the Cow Aliens. Her knowledge is vast and she's super weird.


Heels is the artistically brilliant Cow Alien. His heels are red and his mind is made of rainbows.


Aunt Faye is a psychotic Cow Alien with a sixth sense for danger. She's nuts...


A hybrid life form - part cow, part extraterrestrial. Highly intelligent. Cosmically inclined.

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