"Aunt Faye's head is full of whiskers and television static." (LA Times)

Aunt Faye is a Short Horn Cow Alien with extrasensory abilities that surpass the concepts of dimension and time. It's still unknown if Aunt Faye exists in this current dimension of reality, but either way she is part of the team. If Aunt Faye's words and garbled screams were recorded over 1000 years and played back at 5000 times its normal speed, you would hear what sounds like dogs signing Beethoven's 5th symphony backwards in a continuous loop.

Aunt Faye Turnaround
Cow Alien Concept Art

"We've spent fifty years studying Aunt Faye and still don't really know what's happening." (Scientists at CERN)

"I'm in 4th grade and I saw Aunt Faye in real life once. Now I don't follow my dog at night when it goes off and finds garbage." (Timmy Zim)

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