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David David Kate and Andrew is an animated and improvised parody on current popular podcasts - featuring a liberal sex addict, a conservative alcoholic, an anarchist Native American and a miniature brachiosaurus named Kate. These four characters parody culturally inspired stereotypes through dark humor and relentless dialogue.

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Episode 2: Sex Addiction

David confronts his sexual addiction, shedding light on specific experiences through the years and the trials and tribulations that have followed.

Our Story

David, David, Kate and Andrew have been friends for many, many years. They created this show to have a voice in the muck of societal collapse. These four heroes hope to inspire, offend and uphold freedom of expression through art and comedy. David is a sex addicted nudist who does not identify with a specific gender, race or political party and offers an alarming point of view to the other three binary hosts. The other David is a drunken buffoon who's overly opinionated and feels consistently threatened by the state of the world and its sociological impacts on culture. Andrew is a Hispanic Native American represented as a living brown cowboy dildo. He looks to stick-it to the man and sheds light on the atrocities of American history and current political unrest. Kate changed herself into a small dinosaur to avoid becoming a victim of physical attraction and now only bellows vicious screams and nasty animalistic noises in protest to the systemically toxic male patriarchy.

The genre of this series is dark cringe humor to create comedy from the divisions caused by politics, history, religion, gender, sexuality and race. The creators of this show feel it’s important to look past these forms of division and make light of how human perceptions breed misunderstanding and hatred. Their goal is to parody specific cultures and lifestyles in hopes of sparking laughter and more understanding of progressive and unestablished ideas in modern thinking. Each episode of this series explores a heated and highly debated topic with improvised versions of personal and public experiences.

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